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What is project CNB?

Project CNB is India based IT Company which is founded in Year 2013 by Rahul Bodana and Mohhamad Afroz and later Joined by Rajendra Lodhi.

Project CNB as a Company is the Group of likeminded Individual who Develop and Distribute Mobile Application, Games, Software, Web templates, Plugins, Themes & web services on Varies platforms including but not limited to Codecanyan, Google Play store, iOS App store, Steam and on our own site ProjectCNB.Com.


Web Design

Do you need a Website? It does not matter whether you need a Simple static site, Blog or Complex eCommerce site. We get it done for you.

Mobile Application

We Design Mobile Applications for Both Individuals and Companies. You can also Check out our Portfolio of Envanto Marcketplace.

Site Migration

Did you want to Migrate your Web site to another Host? or simply want to Install a CMS on Your host, then you can Contacts us for that.

Fast Support

If you are in any Doubt, Problem or Just simply have any Suggestion on How we can improve services then you reach out us 24/7.


We are continuously building on our futuristic reputation

Whar we Have to Offer


Our Current Focus to Build Mobile Application, Software to solve The problem of Masses. However we are Also working Toward the Building Games for Various Platforms.

We already Launched Half of the Dozens of Mobile Application till now and More and More is Coming Soon. We also offers Freelancing Services of Website and Application Building. If you have any Query then you can Contact us.


Amazing modular technology

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Studies by psychologists show that we register smiles faster than any other expression. And when participants in a study were asked to recall expressions, they consistently remembered happy faces over neutral ones.